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We are a performance marketing agency focused on delivering ROI and value to our clients through tailored individual strategic campaigns.

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Each Brand is Different.

As is each marketing campaign that is tailored to a businesses individual goals. There is no one solution for all, we look at your brand and create a specific strategy based on your target audience and objectives to deliver achievable results.

Consistent Results.

Our mantra is to always deliver consistent results. WIth the market continually changing, our team’s focus is always on data and analysis of your campaign and of the market. Working with a highly adaptive team ensures consistency and ROI.

Innovative Marketing.

With millions of ads being served through all marketing channels daily, we create interactive and relevant campaigns that have proven to deliver the best results and stand out amongst the rest of the ads out there.

Our Services.

We work with you, Not for you
Digital Strategy

We have trained experts in all SEO optimisation including technical, content and authority. At Dragon Media our sole focus is ensure that your websites ranks well in SERPs and drives not only volume but quality traffic to your website.


With the ever changing landscape of PPC, Dragonmedia have the expertise to ensure that evolving consumer intent, technology and formats is at the leading edge of your digital marketing campaign.

Email Strategy

Through years of running effective email campaigns Dragonmedia are able to execute targeted messages specifically tailored for the audience delivered at the most effective time.


Programmatic display allows you to serve your ad to the right people, at the right moment while they are browsing the internet. Ads can be tailored to serve different messages based on the stage of their product journey, customer data segmentation will be effectively utilised to refine and improve customer targeting and acquisition.


Understanding the user experience from start to end is absolutely crucial to any organisation. Refining the journey to ensure the smoothest experience from the moment of first contact to purchase is crucial to all marketing campaigns minimising the user disengagement before reaching the final point purchase.

Social Media

Utilising all aspects of social from influencers to digital video and ad formats Dragon Media is able to deliver creative and engaging campaigns ensuring an interactive and immersive experience in the form of digital assets across all social platforms.

Management Team.


Mark Suwan

Chief Executive Officer

Mark has been the driving force for DragonMedia's success - bringing his background in Digital Marketing has helped him build successful businesses for the past 15 years. His ability to help understand and grow KPI's within any digital market has been the secret to his and DragonMedia's success.

Nadia Evans

Managing Director

With 9 years working with several digital marketing companies, Nadia has worked with hundreds of brands across her career, optimising and spearheading campaigns to success. Her key skills for analytics and data driven products both prove to be a very effective pairing to DragonMedia.

Jay Huang

Head of Technology

Jay brings a wealth of knowledge, being the key technologist in implementing creative, technological solutions to best serve each campaign. Working within the sector for the past 12 years, Jay has coded, managed, designed a vast range of bespoke builds during his time at DragonMedia.

About Us.

We're more than a digital agency

Who we are

DragonMedia are a performance marketing agency that tailors their services to the client’s individual needs. We are aware that each company has different business objectives, we will create a strategic marketing plan tailored to the client’s business objectives and deliver a plan to achieve the results.

What we do

Delivering value to our clients through our years of experience in the performance marketing field. We work very closely with our clients to ensure transparency and consistent communication on all marketing campaigns, data analytics is key and delivering on successful data driven marketing is the standard on our strategic approach to marketing.

Our Goal

Building very close relationships with our clients to ensure full disclosure and an open line of communication between us and them. Through this we are able to understand and create a strategic marketing plan that best suited to the clients brand, objectives and KPI. Our ultimate goal is to provide a personal tailored service that will not only enhance the client's brand awareness but also achieve their business objectives.

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